Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bun-buns Abound!

Last weekend, we acquired a couple more bunny girls, Gizmo and Lulu, from our friend, Corinne. The introductions all went well and they were soon hopping around and exploring the big bunny bungalow.

Lulu quickly mastered the Stump Towers:

Gizmo couldn't figure out why that camera kept clicking at her and eyed me warily:

Tammy Faye and Gizmo were getting to know one another in one of the tunnels:

Ashes hid out in the Big Blue House for awhile. She wasn't sure about these new fuzz-balls. Before too long though, she came out to say hello:

Erin doesn't think you can ever have enough bunnies:

Look at this face! Who could resist that kind of cuteness?

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold Weather Really Bites

I hate being cold and I hate cold weather. I have no idea why on earth I live in the midwest and if it were up to me, I wouldn't. But I do, and since I am stuck in this god-forsaken arctic tundra, it is time again to get everything as ready as possible to ride out the chill. Since I can't use a 100' hose to fill water tanks as I do in above-freezing temps, I can only use one livestock tank. Normally, all the horses run the pasture together and this is not a problem. However, this year, we have Brett recovering from a broken elbow, and we don't want her getting down into the lower part of the pasture in several feet of snow and not being able to get back up under the overhang of the barn for shelter and water. So we had to find a way to divide up our dry lot AND our overhang AND our water tank. With various materials we had lying around, Dave managed to get the job done yesterday, with a little bit of help from me. So far, it looks like it's going to work just as I'd hoped; both sides have access to the overhang and the water tank. Yay! Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a quick, mild, uneventful winter. And if Dave's employer could relocate him to some tropical area, that'd be cool too.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So sorry...

I know - not a single post in October. What can I say? Things have been a bit wild and wacky around here. Not that that's unusual by any means, but it has been time consuming. So to tide my few but faithful readers over, I thought I'd share some pictures of my darling little monsters on Halloween.

At best, this was a lazy and feeble attempt at a costume. I guess she felt the ears were enough to make her deserving of some candy. She didn't even bother with a tail. Sad, sad, sad...
Of course, her little brother was more eager to turn himself into some sort of creepy, undead creature. Say hello to my little zombie-child.
He even mastered the fine art of hovering. (Look ma! No legs!)
And here the sweet little pumpkins are taking a 2 second break from beating the crap out of each other to pose for this picture. Wasn't that kind of them?

I really will try to do better this month.