Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Introducing Ducks To Snow

The ducks have now had their first encounter with the snow. Wish I could tell them that it would be their last, but alas, these photos were taken November 30th and since then we've had several episodes of snowfall. So I'm afraid we're all just going to be stuck with it! How long till spring????!


Angie said...

Too cooooollll! None of them tried to take off for parts sunny?

Angie said...

Nope, these are domestic ducks and do not fly. As far as being designed for handling winter weather, the ducks are actually better suited for the cold than the chickens. As long as they can get out of the wind, they're good, and they have their own stall in the barn right now (that they do a great job of pooping up for me.)They have lots of downy fluff under those very waterproof feathers to keep them cozy. The chickens however, aren't quite as well equipped and I keep a heat lamp on a thermostat controlled plug. When the temps drop, the heat comes on in the coop and they all gather round to keep warm. They seem to dislike the cold weather as much as I do.