Monday, September 8, 2008

Slightly Obsessed

I am more than a little obsessed with Crumb. He is just SO sweet. It's such a sharp contrast to my Arabian mare, Gypsy.

Gypsy loves me... when she feels like it. She's not warm and cuddly. She prefers that I dote on her by grooming her until she's beautiful so that she can trot around with her tail in the air like she's better than everyone else. If I dare turn my attention to another horse, or god forbid RIDE one, she is thrown into a jealous rage. As soon as that horse is turned back into the pasture with her, she runs after him/her with her ears pinned back and teeth showing. She lets them know that they are not supposed to be messing with HER human. She follows that by completely ignoring me for my infidelity. She refuses to make eye contact and will turn her head back and forth just to avoid me. If I reach out to pet her, she turns two steps away, just out of reach. If I step forward to pet her again, same thing, until she finally trots away with her snout in the air. I'm pretty sure she'd flip me the bird if she had a middle finger. Instead, she uses her tail. She's a bit like a possessive stalker.

But Crumb? Oh man, he's a lover. I think he'd stand all day with me to hug and snuggle. He wants to do whatever I want him to do - even if he's not sure what that is sometimes. He is something else. I'm sure Gypsy has noticed this as well. Currently, they are in adjoining pastures, but have not yet been together. I'm guessing she's about to boil over with contempt.

Who could blame me though? Look at this pretty boy:

Look how big he is compared to me. He makes me feel so little.

Isn't he just too cool??? :)


Gizmo said...

He's so handsome. Those muzzle kisses are the best in the world. How do you get anything else done??

Anonymous said...

Wow he is a good looking horse!! Who is his sire? How is his gait?
Must be pretty smooth if your back is feeling so much better - have a great time w/him............

Angie said...

Well, I'm not new to horses in general, but I'm very new to gaited horses, so I don't have enough experience to compare him to anything. However he feels very smooth to me, and I'm told he's one of the best by people who know. I haven't seen his papers myself yet, so I'm not sure of his sire's exact registered name at the moment. Crumb's sire and dam both belong to my neighbor, so I just know them as Walt and Cookie. LOL. I do know Walt is a son of F-88 and that his registered name involves "F-88" and "Waltz" in there somewhere. I'll have more info when I have his papers. Thanks for the well-wishes and compliments. :)

Tressa said...

Its going to rock when we take all the big dogs (Flash, Crumb & Zip) on CMO's. Can you believe it we will all be able to hear each other talk and Chris and I won't be able to knock you off your horse with our toes. hehe Can't wait to meet him boy is he pretty.