Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Crumb

I was NOT in the market for another horse. Really. Why are you laughing?

My back has been a disaster for the past couple years. I've hardly ridden, and when I have, I've been in so much pain afterwards. I have truly been depressed, thinking maybe my riding days are over. I've had so many people tell me that I need to try some of the gaited horse breeds. They have sworn that the way they move is much, much easier on the ol' back. Also, all of my neighbors have Tennessee Walkers. I have been the odd man out around here. Well, long story short, one of my neighbors called me about a Tennessee Walker that was for sale, the owner offered me a two-week trial on him, I fell in love and we moved him home this weekend. My back has actually IMPROVED from riding him. The gentle swaying movement seems to be loosening it up. And this guy is the biggest love bug! What a personality! Plus he's absolutely gorgeous, and compared to the rest of our shorter horses, he's huge. His name is "Crumb" (his mom is "Cookie") and I'm so excited. I almost feel like I've gotten my life back. Woo hoo!

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