Friday, August 15, 2008

Back From Horse Camp

Erin just got home from horse camp. She was at Cedar Valley Stables in Tipton, Ia. ( is also the same location where I first rode a horse, went to horse camp and worked as a ranch hand in my younger days. It is my favorite place on the planet, and is the backdrop for the vast majority of my favorite childhood memories. So I think I was as excited about my little girl going to camp there as she was. We attended the camp horse show and brought her home last night. It was so much fun to talk to her about her camp experiences and share my own. I had dug out all my old "ranch" photos and had fun comparing. First, is me with "Diamond Jim" at age 12. Next, is Erin, last night, age 13, with "Cochise."

Now for our horse shows. First, me on "Scottie" at my horse show in 1980. Next is Erin, last night, on "Cochise" at her horse show.

This mom was pretty excited to have the opportunity to see her "baby" out there following in her footsteps. :)

The ranch suffered extensive damage this spring during the flooding. The water reached levels never before seen. Anyone that has ever been there will be shocked by the photos on this link. Click on the slideshow. You just won't believe it:


Anonymous said...

Ang!! Oh my gosh! I viewed the slide show about the flood--bad! You are hilarious with Diamond Jim--I think I have that same picture. We were so ugly then! I remember riding Buford. Scottie was pretty. I am glad you had a great time at Erin's horse camp show. You are the best!

Zoie said...

Well written article.