Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Introducing, STARBURST, my daughter's favorite horse in the world. He is a yearling, Appaloosa colt.

Last year, Erin turned twelve, was diagnosed with cancer, and underwent two surgeries to remove a tumor in her lung as well as the lower half of her left lung all within the month of May. As a birthday gift and incentive to get well soon, Starburst was given to Erin by a multitude of kind and caring friends who certainly knew how to raise the spirits of our horse-crazy daughter.

Today, Erin and Starburst are growing up together. Here are a few pictures of their past year together:

This is Erin and Cole, visiting with Starburst before heading off to Iowa City for surgery.

After two weeks in the hospital, Erin couldn't wait to get back to her new friend!

She had barely recovered from surgery before Erin started working with her little buddy.

Erin still loves to ride Brett, who has been a big help in showing Starburst the ropes.

This "little guy" is quickly growing into a big guy!
He's already as tall as our other full-grown horses and he still has a lot of time to grow even bigger!

Today, these two are quite a pair.

Once he's old enough to ride, look out.
These two are going to be inseparable.
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Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Starburst running with the fly mask...it's really beautiful. Wow, they have both changed over the course of a year--looking good!