Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Ducklings Are 2 Weeks Old

These ducks are growing almost as fast as the weeds! It truly seems like they double in size twice a day. Unfortunately, one of the little fuzzies died last week. I wasn't very surprised because he was much smaller, and seemed weaker, than the others and just wasn't growing much. It looks like the other eight are doing fine though.

We can't trust our two rat terriers with the ducks for even a second, but our lab, Stewie, seems to actually enjoy watching them waddle around the yard as much as we do. Sometimes he runs in circles around them and then seems disappointed when they won't chase him.

Last night, I tested the ducks' ability to eat Japanese beetles. After all, this was one of the big reasons I wanted ducks in the first place. I knocked a bunch of them off of my beans and into a coffee can, and then dumped them into their water pan - just like my neighbor recommended. Boy, she wasn't pulling my leg! They all went crazy, diving in and gobbling them up. I was so proud. Next year's beans are already looking forward to having these wacky quackers guarding the garden.
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